A Place to Slow Down

We live in a fast-paced, non-stop world.  Everything and everyone is constantly and immediately connected, making a moment of solace a rare find. The beauty of a living history site is that it allows guests to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of their normal world and slow down their pace, even if only for a few hours.  Life in 1900 was still quite busy, especially on a farm, but it was a different kind of busy.  Getting things done was more about getting them done with quality than accomplishing the most in the shortest amount of time. I always tell people that Eidem Homestead is a great place to bring their young children.  Little kids don’t have much of an attention span and are constantly looking for new things to entertain them, so a visit to a fifteen-acre farm with activities from feeding goats to baking biscuits can barely bore them.  It’s beautiful to watch them come here and be captivated by something as mundane as pumping water to do laundry the old-fashioned way.  They fully absorb themselves in the activities going on here, letting their imaginations run wild while learning about what life was like long before they were around.  They’re still little kids, bouncing off the walls and asking every question they can think to come up with, but something is different.  The pace is slower and the environment is more calm.  They’re interacting with their surroundings, and you can almost see their brains being filled up with all the things they’re learning. While families with young children make up a majority of our guests, it’s not uncommon to find adults who just come here on their own.  I often hear the parents of young children say things like “oh cool, I didn’t know that’s how things worked!” after seeing a demonstration or participating in an activity.  From middle-aged adults and senior citizens, I often get questions about specific pieces of equipment or ways of doing certain tasks because they remember similar things from a family member’s farm when growing up.  The adults enjoy the interactive environment of the homestead just as much as the kids do.  It feels good to unplug and interact; to slow down and be a part of something so vastly different from the world in which we live; to rewind back to a simpler time.

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About Jenny Cvek

The short and sweet: I'm Jenny. I'm twenty, I'm a junior in college, and I'm from the lovely state of Minnesota. I'm passionate about words, photography, theatre, singing, loving Jesus and loving people. This is not about me. This is all about Jesus. {Profile picture credit to Ri & He Photography}

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