Fall is in the air!

There’s something about that moment when you realize fall is at your doorstep.  When you notice a slight nip in the air that’s tinged with the smoky smell of a bonfire; green tree leaves beginning their slow turn to vibrant yellows, oranges, and reds; garden and crop fields revealing their full bounty…it makes you want to get outside with friends and family, to enjoy a hot cup of cider or get busy in the kitchen cooking heartwarming soups and stews or baking delicious goodies with all the fall produce coming in.

We may have moved away from a lifestyle and culture that heavily relies on agriculture and its impact on our seasonal activities, but in many ways we still retain some of those routines.  Here at Eidem we still portray those seasonal agricultural moments through our historical events–“Spring on the Farm” and “Fall on the Farm.”  Each of these are great in their own way, but when it comes time to start planning and preparing for our fall event I get excited because it means fall is coming.  Fall just might be my favorite season–I love the smell of bonfires in the air, sitting around a fire with friends and family in the darkening evening roasting marshmallows and telling stories, going for walks, horseback rides, or road trips as leaves slowly change color, and the delicious seasonal goodies and comfort foods.  Hmm, there’s so much to love about fall.

As I’ve mentioned, fall and food go really well together.  I’m a baker.  I love baking all different kinds of goodies–cookies, bars, pies, tarts, etc.  I love how great the house smells while you’re baking and how the aromas often hang in the air hours after the baking is done.  This is another reason I love our fall event at Eidem.  We’ve got some absolutely delicious goodies that we make on our wood burning stove!  Apple Brown Betty, apple cider muffins, apple dumplings, dried applesauce, apple coffee cake…Do you see a theme here?  Fall is apple harvest season and our fall event highlights this by making various apple treats and of course pressing cider on our old-fashioned cider press with recently harvested apples.  Fresh pressed apple cider is amazing and I love being able to enjoy a cup of cool cider moments after its pressed.  I also love a cup of hot mulled cider.  It goes perfectly with a cool evening sitting around the campfire with friends or curled up on the couch with a comfy blanket and good book.  Here’s an easy recipe we use for mulled cider at the farm that you can make at home:

Mulled Cider

2 qts. Sweet cider                                          1 stick cinnamon (3 in.)                               1 tsp. whole cloves                                         ½ unpeeled lemon, thinly sliced                 1 tsp. whole allspice                                       ¼- ½ c brown sugar

Place all ingredients in a large, covered pan, bring to a boil and boil 10 minutes. Strain and serve hot.  To avoid straining, tie spices in piece of cheesecloth.  Let lemon floats in cups.  (The Farmer Country Kitchen Cookbook, 1894)