Group Tours

School & Large Groups

Group tours can be booked May through October, Tuesday through Sunday from 9 a.m – 4 p.m.  Groups will be guided through the 1900 Victorian house, the outbuildings, and around the barnyard as they learn about farm life in 1900 and the many responsibilities of family members and farm animals.  Additional hands-on activities can be arranged upon request at time of booking.  Bookings must be made at least 2 weeks in advance.  Group minimum of 15 people and a maximum of 75 (this includes both students and adults).  For more information or to book, call 763-493-4604 or email.

Tour (min. 15 people)                  $6 per person (or $90)
    Up to 4 teachers credited
Hands-on activity or beverage          $15-$75
Eidem at Night     

Have you ever wondered what it was like to live with no electricity at night?  The new Eidem at Night tour offers you just that opportunity!  Tour the house and grounds at night with only kerosene lamps and lanterns to light your way.  Experience just how dark a night on the farm could get and what challenges you might encounter on a nightly run to the outhouse.  This tour is appropriate for ages 10 and up.  This tour takes place in limited visibility indoors and outdoors over uneven terrain and navigating steep stairs– good, closed-toe shoes are recommended.

   Thursday, Oct 27	7 pm & 8 pm	Friday, Oct 28	7 pm & 8 pm	
   Thursday, Nov 2	7 pm & 8 pm	Friday, Nov 3	7 pm & 8 pm

   Cost: $10 per person; max. of 20 people per tour.
   *Pre-registration is required.  Call 763-493-8333 to register.

Eidem’s Traveling Trunk

Can’t get your group to the farm? Check out our traveling trunk, where Eidem Homestead comes to you in the form of a 1900 steamer trunk complete with artifacts from the farm.  This is a great option for youth and community organizations, school and senior groups interested in learning more about turn of the 20th century farm life in Minnesota.  The included manual provides historical information about the Eidem family, duties of family members, and social and cultural norms of the period as well as optional lesson plans with instructions for hands-on activities. The Eidem Trunk is available year-round and can be checked out for a maximum of 2 weeks at a time.  An optional costumed presentation on the trunk and it’s items is available upon request.  Reservations of the trunk must be made at least 2 weeks in advance.  For more information or to make a reservation,  download an application here or contact us.

Cost of Trunk                              Free
Costumed Presentation                      $50 per 2 hours